Glimpse of the World

I am not a photographer, but these are some photos from the places I have been and found interesting. I hope they give you just a little glimpse of the world.
Amritsar, India - I see you…

Amritsar, India - I see you…

Kiev, Ukraine

Warm weather, AKs and beautiful women… that is what this country is made of.

We spent the first 5 days of our trip enjoying the Ukrainian precursor to Russia. The weather was warm and sunny which made it easy to wander the streets and view the old orthodox churches mixes with the cement communist buildings. A walking tour took us around the town and gave us a glimpse of the history as well as the amazing looking women that seem to be found all over (Jam!). We rounded off the day by attending the Opera, Aida for $2.50 Canadian which is hard enough to understand in English let alone Italian with Ukrainian subtitles.

The next day consisted of being guided out of the city by two British brothers Henry and George to try our hand at firearms. We all shot the AK47’s and dragonov sniper rifles, and most of us surprisingly hit the target. Large firearms were not the only thing that the shooting range had to offer, you could also try hand guns, drive tanks and take pony rides. We rounded out the day by drinking homemade cherry vodka and dancing at a Ukrainian gay club with our new friend Greg.

Our last day we headed north on a full day tour of Chernobyl and the surrounding area. Although we were a large group it still didnt make the sombre experience of a ghost town any less moving. The pictures of deserted buildings and overgrown yards along with the geiger counter beeping slower or faster depending on how high the radiation levels are. Hopefully the pictures to follow can show the details of what we saw.

Next stop St. Petersburg!